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Who Are We?

How Atlas Benefits came to be

This company was founded by two of the health benefits industry’s leading executives who collectively have more than 15 years of experience. Prior to founding Atlas Benefit Solutions, they were responsible for developing a handful of successful distribution centers, top-notch customer service teams, several innovative platforms, and a fulfillment center. It was through this process that they learned of the many arising needs of the health benefits industry.

Atlas Benefits was created to bring together the talents, abilities, and solutions that were cultivated during the creation of the past teams and to provide simple, creative and elegant solutions that allow both consumers and agencies the freedom and flexibility that is needed in today's market.

Our Main Skills

From Product Development to Implementation, We've Got You Covered

Whether you are looking for a complete top-down solution or just a way to fulfill your customers, we're here to meet those needs. We're very well versed in all aspects of product creation and would love to help you from vision to reality.

We're staffed to handle every aspect of the process. Take a look at the graph and see how well we fare in the space you'd like to utilize our services for.

Product Development

Sales Processing

Customer Support Services

Billing Services

Product Fulfillment

Web & Mobile Development

Experience Level

Our Services

We Are Experts In Developing Your Business

Billing Services

Our custom built platform will allow you to set up new members, add products to those members, set the recurring bill date, and manage all aspects of the customer. This is included at no extra cost to you.

Customer Support

Your customers are the heart of our business. We treat each and every person with which we communicate with the highest level of care and support possible. This makes for happy long-term clients!


The fulfillment process is the fun part of the job. We take pride in the quality of materials we send out and know that it is a direct reflection of you and your company.

Why Choose Us?

6 Reasons Why We Are The Best


We're used to quick turnaround times. Whatever your deadline is, we'll get there for you. Even if we have to work through the night.


When we take on a project, it gets treated as if it's our baby. You have our full dedication to producing a product that exceeds not only your expectations, but the expectations of the end user as well.


Our team is comprised of the very best in the business. We'll help you brainstorm the project, establish goals and benchmarks to completion, and refine the process after launch to ensure your ongoing success.


We understand the importance of protecting your investment. Our highly skilled team of industry professionals knows which protective measures to take and how to implement them to ensure you don't have any surprises along the way.


All of our solutions are built on fully redundant, cloud infrastructures that have a 99.99% uptime. When your business goes down, it costs you money. That's why we take reliability so seriously.


One of the primary focuses of our business is providing the best possible return on investment that you are going to find in the industry. We promise to keep our prices low so you never have to second guess if the money you spend is worth it.

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